Virus Removal FAQs

The majority of our customers have the same concerns regarding virus removal, so we decided to create this FAQ to answer any questions you might have before you decide to contact us.
  • How long does it normally take?
    Normally a removal can be completed in as little as a few hours. Each case is different and judged based on severity of infection and workload. We generally say 24 hours to allow for workload and any unforseen problems we may encounter.
  • Will I lose my personal files?
    Normally, no you will not lose your data. We can generally save all of your personal documents, including pictures, videos, music and programs. We do "real" removals, not wipes and reinstalls. In some cases if your system files are badly damaged or missing and irrecoverable we will do a wipe and reinstall but that is the exception not the rule.
  • Can you do a remote removal?
    In most cases yes. If your computer has access to highspeed internet we can do a remote removal. Yes even if its littered with popups and viruses. This is perfect for customers who do not have the time to drop there equipment off. Call us to setup up a remote removal.