Screen Repairs
LCD & DIGITIZER REPLACEMENT Even with some of the best protection cases around your device can become the victim of a cracked screen. Don't become the victim of a shop's overhead and pay way too much for your screen to get fixed. Don't fall for the loca gimmick either, if its too cheap they are simply replacing the glass and are going to glue it themselves back together by hand rather than by machine. On most devices loca if improperly applied can ruin internal components on your phone. This is why we do not use loca or do just glass replacements that require it. We use genuine oem machined replacement screens and our pricing point is still cheaper than the other guys trying to do it by hand in a short amount of time. Come to Computer CPR where your repair is guaranteed and warrantied.
90 day warranty on all screen replacements.
IT Consulting and Maintenance
Computer CPR offers Consulting and Maintenance to small and large businesses alike. Fully scaleable and flexible pricing allows for a wide array of IT Business Services at an affordable price at the businesses needs. Some services we can offer your business.

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