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Virus Removal
Malware Spyware Adware Viruses Today's internet can be a dangerous place for the unsuspecting web surfer. With emails, links and bogus warnings all trying to infect you at every turn. It only used to be viruses you had to worry about, now there are viruses, malware, adware, junkware and spyware. All can be allowed access by clicking on a seemingly harmless link on social media or opening an email by mistake. Computer CPR are specialists at removing these types of threats without having to restore, reset or reformat your system. Keeping programs, files, and important settings intact, leaving your pc exactly they way you remember it. Call or Text 910-670-3960 to discuss pricing points and options available.

Remote Support Available. If you have an active internet connection, 9 times out of 10 we can do the removal remotely. If you need remote support please download our Remote Support Software and call or text us.
A Limited Lifetime Warranty package against viruses and whatever else may infect your computer is available and at a huge savings.