PS4 Mailin - prior repair attempt fix 9-13-21

A Hot Mess!

A lil cleaning and trace via soldered
Port installed and trace laid
Cleaned and solder mask applied
Ebay PS4 Mailin for hdmi repair after failed attempt.


  • Trace torn on way to via to hdmi IC
  • Joints still stuck in globs of solder in the through holes
  • Legs from previous hdmi port still stuck to lifted pads
  • Horrible mess of some kind of flux everywhere

Finish removing all of the old port including the legs, joints, etc.  Clean board voraciously with ISO 97%.  Reapply 70/30 leaded solder to pads.  Scratch off via and apply solder blob to secure new trace.  Install trace to via, then to leg.  Voila!!!  Now to get the JohnBoi to reassemble and test.  Holler out loud if you can find the JohnBoi lol!  As you can see we have another successful repair.  Stay tuned for more!

JohnBoi sighting, it works!!!

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