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Internet Technology and Maintenance
IT Consulting and Maintenance
Computer CPR offers Consulting and Maintenance to small and large businesses alike. Fully scaleable and flexible pricing allows for a wide array of IT Business Services at an affordable price at the businesses needs. Some services we can offer your business.
  • Remote Support
    • In most cases we can fix issues on connected systems in a few minutes
    • No waiting for technicians to arrives hours later.
  • Network Deployment and Management
    • Deploy a highly adaptive Network, Wired or Wireless or Combination of both.
  • Cloud Management
    • Have your Business managed from the cloud, networks, machines, and storage.
  • Cloud Office
    • Go thin and remove clunky desktops. Serve your employees desktop from a remote server, using an inexpensive chromebook.
    • Portability as well as flexibility, employees can work from home or anywhere remotely and securely.
    • Save Thousands on equipment and software.
  • System Management and Repair
    • Routine maintenance and repairs as needed in a timely manner.
  • System Deployment/Cloud Deployment