malware & Virus removal

Be proactive not reactive

Most think virus after they have been infected rather than before.  We have virus protection packages availabe at the enterprise and consumer level to prevent infection or worse compromise of your identity, files and system.
Price List

  • Virus Malware Removal$95
  • Virus Malware Removal Advanced$125
  • Basic Adware cleaning$95
  • Wipe & Reinstall$95
  • Wipe, Reinstall & Data transfer$135
  • Virus Removal & Protection 1yr$150
  • Virus Protection 1yr$85

What is Malware??

  • Viruses are tiny programs that execute code and insert payload.  Typically replicating themselves and hiding in your system files and folders masquerading as legitimate files.  Viruses are a type of malware.
  • Adware is a type of malware that infects your computer with bots that spy on your internet activity and then spam you with advertisments, popups and spam.
  • This type of malware is masquerades as a legitmate program.  Once given permissions, the program can be quite a force to reckon with as it can be used to do all sorts of mischief, such as; identity theft, financial information theft, infect other systems on the network, destroy system files, turn computer into a remote zombie for hacking other computers, etc.
  • A destructive malware that's sole purpose is to destroy a user's files and ultimately their system.
  • This program mines data of users and also their activities and can be used for many purposes some not malicious such as monitoring what employees do on network computers.
  • This nasty malware uses a security feature as a weapon.  Encrypting the users files with an encryption key and holding the entire machine captive until the user complies with the hackers demands, usually monetary ransoms.  Many prominent businesses and facilities have been at the mercy of a ransomware.  Whats worse is sometimes the hacker that created it is no longer checking to see if they have anybody on the hook or the web server they were using has been shutdown and there is no one to give you the key even if you do pay the ransom.
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