Xbox Series X HDMI replacement 12-3-21 Nightmare

OMGoodness what happened here?!

In the words of Mickey Mouse.... oh boy!
Install new jumper wire trace
Trace and port connection rebuilt/resoldered
Trace and port connection rebuilt/resoldered
Client reported that they attempted to remove old port themselves but there was a power outtage....


  • If this is what happens when the power goes out, i hope it never goes out here lol.

  • We have to remove the old solder blobs and clean up the areas around the through holes and solder pads.
  • We'll also need to reconstruct solder pad using a jumper wire, some solder mask and uv glue.
  • After much toiling, we are successful.
  • Another HDMI repair in the books, shipping back to ebay customer.

Another fast and most excellent repair my dudes!
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